Saturday, March 12, 2011

An introduction, or Dante enters, stage right.

Well, hello there, you lucky people you!  I'm Dante.  And yes, I'm a girl.  I'm sort of like the boy named Sue, 'cept I don't want to kill the man who gave me that awful name. I like my name, it comes from Dante Aligheri, the Florentine poet who pretty much wrote the Italian language. 

I live in Miami with a bunch of other girls and one human.  I'm the newest doll to move in here, so I don't know everyone very well, but I'm still trying to figure this whole crew out.  At least the human is easy, feed and water her and she's content.  The other girls, though, I'm not sure about.  I hope I can make some friends around here.

I'm a scuba instructor and I love my job!  I get to be in the water all the time with people, sharing my love of the ocean and all it's got to offer. The human dives too, but she's not even a divemaster yet.  I think I'll watch her suffer, her human instructor is tough on her.  HA!  Not that I wouldn't be tough, but it's much more fun to watch if you're not involved.  I wonder if any of the girls around here want to learn how to dive....

Oh, you're wondering how dolls can walk, talk, blog, dive, and coexist with humans?  Suspenstion of disbelief, kids!  :-)   Hope you all stick around, I think it's going to be getting interesting around here!