Sunday, April 10, 2011

A new dress for moi!

Am I not the coolest little swing dancer around?  Didn't think so!  Check out my new togs.  Jonilynn of Kindred Threads sewed this one up.  I think I need to go dancing now. 

Bet you didn't know it, but I love to swing dance.  My idea of an amazing day would be to go diving then go out dancing, but not too many guys around here know how to dance.  Really.  It's South Florida, you'd think they'd all be professional dancers when it comes to salsa, merguinge, and stuff like that.  Nope.  Your abuelos are ashamed of you, gentlemen!  How do you think they woo'ed your abuelas?  It certainly wasn't with an iPhone. 

Speaking of Spanish culture, I found an amazing Cuban resteraunt called Little Havana.  Black beans, rice, tostones, and palomina steak for the win.  Yum.