Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You love me already, now like me!

On Facebook, that is.  The lazy human finally got around to making me a page on Facebook.  All the fashionable dolls have them, so it's only natural I have one. 

Here you go, now click!  http://www.facebook.com/browse/page_fans/?page_id=382345611780399

In other news, my friend Zoya invited me to go watch a pétanque tournament later this week at her park.  She's going to be there to make sure the players don't get rowdy.  According to Zoya the pétanquers get pretty fired up over these games, so she hangs out to keep the peace.  People listen to her, probably because she's very direct and to the point.  Probably comes from English being her second language.  

I'll be sure to put some pictures up from the tournament.  I wonder if there will be a fight.  Probably not, it's not ice hockey.  Darn.