Friday, July 22, 2011

Beauty pagents...

To all my lovely followers who voted for me, Thank you!  I love you all!  Who, however, I don't love is the human right now.  She had to run off to go play outdoorsman and failed to take me with her, so the last round of the pagent, I coiuld not enter.  Tres horrible!  Oh well.  She did, however, buy me a new black and white dress to make up for it.  Erin (Cupcake Cutie) makes a wonderful party dress.  I approve.  Plus, the human promised some more outfits soon.  We'll see. 

Speaking of the human running off, she went to the AG store in not-Atlanta and didn't bring me a dang thing back!  Oh, Little Miss French Braids Addy over here gets a new outfit, and She Who Interupts Letterman got her doll and wolf (that's Kaya, by the by, Asuka taught me that nick-name for her).  But, there are some new glasses around, a (not)Atlanta shirt, and a new pair of white jeans, so I just might take all of those. 

Actually, I lied.  The human brought me back a doll carrier.  But I don't have a doll!   I don't want a normal doll.  I want one that looks like me.  So, who's going to customize one so I can have a mini-me?  Human needs to get on that. 

Hey, this bow in my hair looks mighty cute.  I should wear bows more often.... 

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  1. Sounds like your human is slacking off! You'd better take her to task. (We have to do that a lot with our guardian.)

    Sorry you missed the last round of the pageant. Your other entries were great, though! :-)

    The Green Girls